Teming up with Industry NWO Biophysics 2022

Teaming up with Industry at NWO Biophysics 2022

During the NWO Biophysics meeting, Dispertech will join the session Teaming up with Industry. The scope of the session is to hear about past experiences of Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) and to hear what projects companies have to offer. The companies that will be present next to Dispertech are:

  • Abberior
  • Confocal.nl
  • Cryosol
  • Delmic
  • Dispertech
  • ONI
  • Single-Quantum
  • SVI

Dispertech will briefly present the latest developments in nanoparticle quantification. We have developed a new approach to quickly measure the concentration of fluorescently labelled nanoparticles. The details will be available during the poster session as well.  We are seeking for collaborators that want to have early access to new equipment and that wish to work together towards the validation of the technique. Traditionally, we have focused on Extracellular Vesicles (EV’s), but any other small object that can be fluorescently labelled is of interest. 

Immediately, we can support students during their master projects. In the longer term we can think about setting up a collaborative project to strengthen each other’s capacity. 

Anyone interested in knowing more about this exciting technology and want to have a discussion, is more than welcome to join the Teaming up with Industry session during the NWO Biophysics meeting. Alternatively, we’ll also be available for speed dates with one of our co-founders. To setup a discussion at any other time than the conference, the best is to directly contact us or book a 15 minute meeting with Aquiles Carattino.

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