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Speed Dates at NWO Biophysics 2022

During NWO Biophysics 2022, Aquiles Carattino, our R&D Manager and co-founder will be available for short chats with participants. If you would like to discuss about what it takes to start a company after your Ph.D. or postdoc, alternative careers, or what kind of profiles Dispertech is looking for, don’t hesitate to setup an appointment.

About Aquiles

Aquiles Carattino got his Ph.D. from Leiden University in 2017. He worked in the group of Prof. Michel Orrit, focusing on the optical properties of gold nanoparticles and their use as biological probes for temperature. After graduating he started Python for the Lab, a project to help researchers developed their programming and instrumentation skills faster and more effectively. In 2018 he joined for 6 months as a part-time postdoc the lab of Sanli Faez in Utrecht. During that period the idea of starting a company around Sanli’s previous work crystallised and Dispertech was born.

About Dispertech

Dispertech was officially founded in early 2019 after receiving seed funds from Nascent Ventures. It has always focused on the development of tools for the characterisation of nanoparticles in solution, mainly Extracellular Vesicles, Lipid Nanoparticles, and Viruses. The flagship product, the nanoCET, can measure the size of small particles (smaller than 150nm) with unprecedented accuracy for an all-optical method. We are busy optimising the user experience of the system, and exploring the limits of the instrument together with partners from academia.

In 2022 we started working on another system, focusing on the quantification of fluorescently labeled nanoparticles in solution. We plan to unveil the system in early 2023 and we are currently offering an early access program.

During the NWO Biophysics 2022 we will also join the teaming up with industry session. We are looking for partners that want to have exclusive access to the instrument while working towards its validation.

Interested in a speed date during NWO Biophysics 2022? Follow this link to setup a meeting.

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