Dispertech provides a user-friendly tabletop system for simultaneous measurement of size and scattering intensity of single nanoparticles at high-resolution.

Size Scattering
Simultaneous measurement of diffusion coefficient and scattering intensity of single nanoparticles.
Down To 10 nm
DOWN TO 10 nm
Capable of measuring EVs and viruses as small as 20 nm and gold spheres as small as 10 nm.
4% standard deviation of size due to exceptionally long tracking times
4% standard deviation of size due to exceptionally long tracking times (up to 2,000 frames per nanoparticle).
Easy to use. User friendly software.
No calibration or alignment. Can be used by any person with basic lab skills. User friendly software.

Our technology

Down To 10 nm


The characterization of nanoparticles becomes more and more relevant in many fields of research, including virology, extra cellular vesicles and nano-medicine. Dispertech enables researchers to study size and size distribution of nanoparticles in water at unprecedented accuracy. Moreover, Dispertech enables the analysis of single nanoparticles particles over a long period of time, including the interaction between nanoparticles. Finally, Dispertech is able, for the first time, to not only measure size but also compare the refractive index of individual nanoparticles with high accuracy.

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Down To 10 nm

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Down To 10 nm

Dispertech is a spin-off from Leiden University. We provide products that enable researchers to analyse single nanoparticles at unprecedented resolution.

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