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Single-Nanoparticle Analysis at High-resolution

At Dispertech, our goal is to create solutions to empower researches to better understand the building blocks of life. We build tools that enable scientists to measure size, refractive index, and concentration of nanoparticles with unprecedented accuracy. Life science and material science researchers can benefit from our easy-to-use and functional tools and systems for nanoparticle research.


Dispertech was founded in 2019 after successfully securing a Take Off grant from NWO (dutch science organization) and a seed round from Nascent Ventures. The company was born to commercialize the nanoparticle tracking technology developed by Dr. Sanli Faez at the Max Planck Institute in Germany and at Leiden University in The Netherlands. Dr. Aquiles Carattino joined the efforts even before the inception of the company, and has been leading its entire product and business development cycles.

The first product developed was the NanoCET, in which great care was placed to make it easy to operate, robust, and compact. The nanoCET is able to measure size and scattered intensity of nano-particles with unprecedented accuracy, comparable to what is obtained in an electron microscope. The applications range from extracellular vesicle research (EVs), to lipid nanoparticles (LPN), viruses, and metalling nano-catalysts.

In 2022 Dispertech introduced its second product to the market, tailored to the quantification of extracellular vesicles in a volume. The technique has an unprecedented accuracy to determine concentration, while maintains a high throughput speed. We have been working in stealth mode with selected partners. More information will be available at an appropriate time.

The company has its office and lab at the Sciencepark in Amsterdam. The contact details explain how it is possible to schedule a visit.

Hans Brouwer Director

Hans Brouwer

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Steven Tan


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Matthijs Kok

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Aron Opheij

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