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Single-Nanoparticle Analysis at High-resolution


At Dispertech, our goal is to improve our fundamental understanding of life and matter by enabling researchers to measure the size and refractive index at unprecedented resolution. We empower life science and material science researchers with easy-to-use and evermore functional tools and systems for nanoparticle research.

Hans Brouwer


Steven Tan


Aquiles Carattino

R&D Manager

Sanli Faez

Scientific Advisor

Matthijs Kok

Design Engineer

Max Kouwenhoven

Business Developer

Robert Hollmann




In a joint study of Leiden University (Leiden, the Netherlands) and Max Planck Institute (Berlin, Germany) in 2015, Dr. Faez and Dr. Sandoghdar invented and patented a technology for imaging and tracking of nanoparticles confined in a naochannel inside an optical fiber using elastic light scattering. In 2018 Dr. Faez was granted an NWO Take-off Fase 1 grant to conduct a technical and commercial feasibility study. At the beginning of 2019, Dispertech B.V was founded and seed capital was provided by Nascent Ventures, a VC specialised in advanced instrumentation. In 2020, Dispertech received additional funding as part of NWO Take-off Fase 2 for the commercialization of the technology. The company has its office and lab at the Sciencepark in Amsterdam.

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