Making Every Particle Count

Dispertech technology allows
researchers to characterize nanoparticles like never before

Advantages of our technology


Nanoparticle Tracking

The technology is based
on the well established nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)


By confining the
particles, we generate longer traces and thus higher accuracy


Low background

Very low background levels, allowing the study of smaller particles

Our Technology

We use hollow optical fibers to contain the sample. The same fibers guide laser light, and a sensitive microscope images the scattering signal at very high frame rates. 

From the trajectories of the particles it is possible to determine their diameter, using a technique called Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis. 

About Dispertech

Dispertech is a spin-off of Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. We develop high-tech devices using state of the art optofluidics. We are a highly motivated
team, focused on one mission: making nanoparticle characterization reliable, reproducible, and accesible.

Our Team

Dr. Aquiles Carattino

Aquiles is in charge of the technical developments of the company. His focus is to bring the technology one step further.

Dr. Ir. Sanli Faez

Sanli is the mastermind behind the inception of the technology. He is the link to the scientific community.

Ir. Hans Brouwer

Hans ensures that the company runs smoothly, articulating between manufacturing and development.

Steven Tan, MBA

Steven manages the company, ensuring to follow procedures and meeting deadlines.

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